Hello and welcome,

My name is Lucian, and I’m a freelance writer who can help you with (almost) all of your writing needs.

Why should you be interested in my services? Because through my colorful and engaging writing style, I’ll make your website or publication stand out and win the hearts and minds of your visitors. Nobody remembers bland, generic, “better safe than sorry” type of writing. It’s the writing that paints vivid pictures and pierces deep into the hearts of your audience that wins people over. One well-written piece will outperform ten average ones every day.

My goal is to deliver the best possible content to my clients so they get the results they’re after and come back for more. That’s why I always research thoroughly and write concisely. The end result? A dense, rich and well-written piece that’ll impress clients and thrill their audiences.

But don’t take my words for granted and see it for yourself: Portfolio.

“When I first read the article you wrote me, I was automatically drawn in by the first sentence. Furthermore, as I continued with the article, I was amazed with the flow and how natural it was when reading. I genuinely laughed at some of points of the article, and other points were intriguing with the information provided – which is hard to do without being ‘boring’.”

– Alast M.